Check out an amazing game that you can play with your friends and family for hours. There is a huge problem with today’s society. we are unable to spend quality time together. Even if we can, we won’t. While I agree that a good board game can help us connect with our friends and family members, often the only game you can find nowadays at someone’s home is Monopoly. And that’s NOT the best game.

Why Monopoly is a Horrible Game

Monopoly is a Horrible Game


Remember the last time you played monopoly. Tell me, how did it all end? I am willing to bet that someone got offended, someone got mad, and someone got sad. At least that’s the story in our house. While it is a classic game, is it a horrible game teaching noting but greed. And that’s something we already are full of in everyday lives.

What’s the Alternative?

I don’t want to be blunt, but literary, any other game is better for your family. When I was learning poker, I also played at a few of the new slots sites 2017, and sometimes when I played, I had my son on my lap and even let him spin a few times. He liked it and it was a fun experience both in terms of bonding and learning. So, as far as I am concerned, even slots are better than Monopoly. But it’s not the game I wanted to tell you about.

The Best Board Game To play with Your Family

Meet Cranium. Unless you already know the game. In that case, well done. If you don’t, here’s the gist.

Cranium board game

What makes Cranium so fantastic is its ability to draw in everyone, pretty much regardless of age or education. You must have some general knowledge, but you also can use creativity to win the game. And rather than bringing out the worst qualities in humans, Cranium brings out the best. It’s a colorful, extremely fun game to play with kids or with your friends at a party. Anyway, I will let you discover the game yourself – it’s a wonderful experience. Even for adults.


That’s the thing, isn’t it. The school, the parents, the lack of self-reflection. All of it combined makes us boring, fun-hating adults that only care about how to make money and beat their neighbor in who’s got the better lawn. Hey, relax. Find a new board game, sit down and spend some time with your family.

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