Every once in a while, you’ll hear about how video games are wasting your time or hurting your health. But too much of anything can be bad, isn’t that right? In moderation, however, video games can be very beneficial – stimulate your brain, give you opportunities to catch up with friends, etc.

So, today we want to give some credit to video games. While we love both, we have to agree that almost anything what a board game can do, a video version with a camera and a microphone can do it better.

Extend Your Possibilities

Single Player or Multi playerNow you can play a wide variety of games in different modes. Single Player, Multi player, Co-op. The same goes to board games. If you want to play with friends that are studying in other cities, get together online for a weekly D&D, Monopoly or any game session.

It’s like people who used to go to blackjack casino rooms. It’s probably still fun to go, but if you want, you can play online.


Save gameNot all games can be finished in one sitting. And this is where video games excel. They have memory. Imagine that you are returning to the game on only a week or two, there will be a lot of confusion when you get back.

I even had times when someone (including me) was called a cheater. Which would not happen on a video game, where player’s positions and turn are burnt into the memory, thus eliminating the human error factor.


When you buy a board game, you only buy that one particular game. And while it’s the case with most video games, it is not always. On occasion, you can get a bundle, where as a result, you get access to several games at once.

Carry Over

PC gameSome say that board games can be packed up and carried to a friend’s home. Sure, but again, isn’t it something what video games can’t do? If it’s a console game, playing somewhere else is incredibly easy. But even a PC version can be carried over by using Steam or other gaming clients.

All Parts

Lastly, how many games you had which, due to missing parts, you had to throw out? I could count at least 5 or 6. So often the parts in the box are miniature and, consequently, very easy to lose.

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